Monday, October 11, 2010

Political Ads

 image by HelloTurkeyToe
      We are nearing election time in local, state and national government.  Political ads abound in our newspapers, on our doorsteps, and through radio and televison ads.  It is sometimes difficult to find meaningful content in current media.  Today we worked in groups to evaluate political ads and report to the class our findings.

1. View a political ad for 2010.
2. Answer the following questions in a new blog post in your personal blog:

*Who is responsible for the ad you reviewed?
*Who is the ad trying to get you to vote for?
*What techniques does the ad use?
*What do YOU think about the ad, and does it make you want to vote for the candidate?  Why or why not?
Also, try to post a link to an ad you reviewed and comment on that ad.

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